Shoes, Glorious Shoes
Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I love fashion...ever since I was a little girl and my grandma would put makeup on us cousins and let us walk around with her sparkly purse... I fell in love with fashion thanks to the fabulously dressed women in our family. I find myself loving a ton of things but fashion is a big one! Thank goodness one of my cousins works for a killer yoga clothing company so I have her fashion expertise & fancy finds at hand...but this find is all thanks to the lovely Angie from Sloan Photographers.

You can tell by watching my new habits forming throughout the years that I am 150% my mother's daughter...not that you couldn't already tell by my twin like resemblance to her BUT I never thought I would actually take on some of her preferences; let alone fashion ones. **NOTE: mamma rice is a fantastic dresser. I just never thought we would agree on SHOES....But I have and I am SO proud of it...Flats have become my shoe of preference. I know some girls that drool over stilettos or that perfect knee high boot. But's all in the flats.

The purpose of this is to show off my new favorite find..I'll get to the point. Thanks to Angie I have now acquired a cute pair of yellow flats that I have been dieing to have in my closet. AND the best part--they were on sale! Thank you Target!


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