Seattle time
Friday, February 27, 2009

Going to college only 3.5 hours from Seattle leaves me with LOADS of friends that still live in the NW. Ahhh how I love the NW. The friendly people, the smells, the gorgeous scenery. But right about now I am loving AZ with this 82 degree weather! I digress...when I was up in Seattle for Anna's wedding in the fall my group of girlfriends and I decided to start a new tradition. Since every year one of us seems to be getting married and a bunch of us are all photographers... The previous bride brings her wedding dress to the new wedding destination for the year and we do a mini trash the dress in whatever town we are in. Beautiful Amanda was the first one to start this trend. Check out a few of my fav's... And Anna get ready for some great shots in Philly in the fall! Love my girls.

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